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Are dental x-rays safe? Why do I need them?

The radiation you get from a dental x-ray exposure is very low. At our San Ramon office, we have invested in digital panoramic x-rays that cut down the amount of radiation by more than 90% compared to traditional films. You can get more radiation by eating 50 bananas or spending the day at the beach!

For your protection, we use lead aprons only to expose areas of concern. All our digital radiographic techniques aim to reduce the amount of exposure while still giving us all the information that we need to make better choices for your treatment.

Digital x-rays provide us with information regarding decay or any other abnormalities in your jaw and teeth. They also give an accurate picture of the health of your bone holding the tooth in your jaw. This helps us to detect conditions in the early stages before they become complicated. We would like to get all the information to provide the best care for you, our patient!

Our goal is to educate you about the risks and benefits. We use the best practices and diagnostic tools available while minimizing risks to help ensure that we get an accurate, early diagnosis. This helps to minimize problems and more extensive treatment at a later date. 

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