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I was told my baby has cavities. Why should I fix them when they are all going to fall out eventually?

Baby teeth play an important role by holding the position for the permanent teeth and reducing the need for more extensive orthodontic treatment. Although genetics and habits play an important role in malocclusions, losing baby teeth early can cause a lot of complications with normal tooth position and result in longer and more extensive orthodontic treatment.

Even though they fall out eventually cavities can still become extensive and cause toothache and discomfort. It can affect your child’s eating habits, their nutrition, and their self-confidence if issues are extensive. Untreated cavities can also increase the bacterial count in your child’s mouth, which can in turn cause increased risk of cavities on their permanent teeth. Let us help them reduce the risk of pain and missed school days while improving their overall health.

We understand your concerns about your precious children and promise to take care of them as we do our own. We utilize gentle anesthesia techniques that they barely feel. We also administer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) if they are anxious and use distraction techniques like TV on overhead screens.

Please call us at Reflections Dental Spa to make sure we keep their pearly whites healthy and beautiful. To help make their appointments more comfortable, we let them relax in our kids’ room with toys and an opportunity to play the Wii U games as a reward for good behavior. We do have to warn you that they tend to get sad leaving the kids room! 

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