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My child sees the orthodontist. Do they have to see the dentist too?

The orthodontist is an important part of your child’s dental team. We usually refer children by the age of seven or eight to have an evaluation by an orthodontist.

But it is of paramount importance that we, as your general dentist, work together with the orthodontist in ensuring proper care.  We play an integral role in keeping your child’s mouth healthy during and after orthodontic treatment. We should be the main driver in coordinating your dental care and be your child’s dental health partner.

It is critical to bring in your child for their regular exams and cleanings at our San Ramon dental office, especially while in active orthodontic treatment. Brushing and flossing is very difficult and time consuming with wires and brackets, leaving kids at a very high risk for plaque accumulation leading to cavities and gum disease.

We pay extra attention to their cleaning appointments and also increase the frequency of visits if any areas of concern are noticed. We do not want them to have straight teeth with unsightly white or brown spots or worse, cavities from lack of care.

Your Smile Team at Reflections Dental Spa, want to be a part of creating beautiful healthy smiles with you and your child’s help and support!

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