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Why should I go to the dentist regularly?

Unfortunately, many people do not see a dentist on a regular basis and only go when they have a problem. This is known as reactive treatment as opposed to proactive treatment, and it simply means that you are not taking the steps to protect your teeth while they’re still healthy. While it may seem that this approach saves money in the short-term, it usually ends up being more cost prohibitive in the long run.

This is because most dental diseases don’t present any symptoms in the early stages when treatment is simple and less expensive. Dental diseases like decay (caries) do not hurt until they reach the interior portion of your tooth and need more extensive work to correct.

Periodontal disease is a dental “silent killer” that usually does not cause any symptoms until the very advanced stages. By the time periodontal disease gets to this point, there might not even be any treatment options left to save the tooth. There have been multiple studies conducted that show a strong correlation between periodontal disease and your overall health.

When caught early enough, problems like fracture lines around old fillings can be restored and replaced before the tooth fractures. If you put off treatment, however, this type of problem can’t be detected, and your only options may be extensive work or tooth loss.

Routine appointments at Reflections Dental Spa allow us to monitor your oral health and find and fix problems before they become complicated and costly to fix. If it’s time for your semi-annual visit, please call to arrange an appointment.

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