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My gums always bleed. Isn’t that normal?

Bleeding gums are usually a sign of gum infection that occur when plaque and tartar build up below the gum line. If not effectively removed every day, the buildup causes gum irritation and micro ulcers resulting in bleeding gums while flossing as well as during your hygiene visits. It is important to control or correct factor that leads to this irritation.

Bleeding gums can be caused by other medical conditions like pregnancy, hormonal changes, and medications you take, like aspirin. But in the majority of cases, these changes are a sign of unhealthy gums. It is a common finding, but it is not normal. 

If you are noticing any increase or change in bleeding, that is usually a good time to schedule a dental visit so we can evaluate and take care of any issues. If you notice your hand or your head start bleeding for no reason, you would run to the emergency room. Your mouth is part of your body, and proper care should be taken to maintain them in a healthy state.

We recommend daily brushing and flossing as well as routine appointments, the interval of which we will recommend based on your individual needs. 
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