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I hate getting a shot. How can you help me get comfortable?

There are many reasons why people become anxious or fearful at the thought of dental treatment, and one of the most common is the anticipated discomfort of an injection.

There is a lot of great technology available today that’s designed to make your dental experience more comfortable than ever before. At Reflections Dental Spa, we use gentle anesthesia techniques that make uncomfortable injections a thing of the past!

The discomfort that most people feel with a conventional injection occurs when the anesthetic is deposited in the soft gum tissue. Today, we can virtually eliminate the discomfort of an injection because our computer-aided Wand system supplies a flow of anesthetic in a slow, comfortable manner, making the sensation barely perceptible.

In addition to experiencing an injection that you can barely feel, you won’t have to panic at the thought of a needle coming at you because the Wand system is a small instrument that looks like a pen. The Wand provides such a gentle experience that you may not even realize you have had the injection!

At Reflections Dental Spa, we pay attention to your comfort and offer state-of-the-art treatments that make your dental care easier. If you are curious and would like to learn more about our painless injections, please call us to arrange an appointment!

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