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Do I need pre-medication with antibiotics?

Based on statistics, the recommendations for pre-medicating with antibiotics have changed and evolved over the years. Until recently, patients with heart conditions and joint replacements needed pre-medication before routine dental procedures. However, due to a high incidence of antibiotic resistance, the American Heart Association and American Orthopedic Association have changed the recommendations.

We hear from some of our patients that they have always taken premedication before dental procedures. It is not recommended to take these antibiotics for the majority of these conditions and situations. We want to take every precaution to protect you, at the same time not exposing you to unnecessary antibiotics. We want to use the most current recommendations so you have better success fighting infections and less risk of adverse effects if you need antibiotics in the future.  

If you are unsure and have any further concerns, please discuss the situation with your physician first. Please be sure to request a prescription before your appointment if your doctor recommends pre-medication. We also carry some antibiotics for administration as pre-medication at our office in case you forget! But please remember that in the case of known allergies, we might not have what you can have or tolerate. Please call us at our San Ramon office if you have any concerns. 

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