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Why do we recommend sealants for your children?

Newly formed teeth usually have deep grooves, which are more prone to decay than other areas of the child’s teeth. These teeth tend to be less calcified and softer, and are at higher risk for decay because they are harder to clean.

It’s essential for us to protect these teeth, primarily your child’s permanent molar teeth, which erupt around six and twelve years of age. Placing sealants in the deep grooves prevents cavities from forming. Before placing the sealant, we thoroughly clean and prepare the tooth before applying the thin resin coatings to the deep grooves. This prevents plaque and bacteria from getting in there and beginning the decay process.

Sealants are most critical in the early years of tooth eruption. At this stage, teeth are softer with less mineralization, and your children are learning to brush and floss properly. They are also usually in the school environment where they are not under parental supervision. Each child and each tooth are different. We base our recommendations on your child’s hygiene skills and the anatomy of their teeth.

Please call our San Ramon Office so we can evaluate your child to see if they're a good candidate for the treatment.

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