Safe Digital X-Rays in San Ramon, CA


Many different types of technology are available today, each designed to make your dental care more efficient and comfortable. At Reflections Dental Spa, we stay updated with state-of-the-art technology to bring you the very best that dentistry has to offer.

Since our goal is to do everything possible to ensure your good oral health, we use a digital panoramic x-ray technology, called Planmeca. This new x-ray system allows us to take extra-oral (outside the mouth) x-rays, making your experience much more comfortable than conventional x-rays.

This is also a great approach for children or patients with severe gagging reflex who are unable to tolerate intraoral (inside the mouth) x-rays.

Advantages of Using Panoramic X-Rays

We choose panoramic x-rays not only because they are more comfortable for you, but because the detailed, high-resolution images make it much easier for us to accurately diagnose problems.

Panoramic dental x-rays are a key part of planning proper treatment for you because the highly detailed images allow us to identify the position of wisdom teeth, gauge overall bone levels throughout the whole jaw (important when analyzing gum health), and analyze jaw joints. 

Some of the practical advantages of digital x-rays include:

  • Safety – Our digital x-rays produce two-thirds less radiation than traditional film technologies, making them safer for you and your family.
  • Speed – Digital images can be produced within a matter of seconds because there is no film to develop. 
  • High-Resolution – Digital x-rays provide superior image quality. They can be adjusted for clarity, size, and color, unlike the conventional film x-rays.
  • Improved Diagnostics – Digital images can be magnified on a computer screen, allowing Dr. Thomas to provide you with an early and accurate diagnosis. They are also easily included in your electronic patient record for future access. This allows us to quickly review your history and track the progression of certain conditions or treatments.
  • Improved Patient Education – Digital imaging is an effective communication tool that allows Dr. Thomas to show you what is really happening in your mouth. At Reflections Dental Spa, we believe strongly in educating our patients about their oral health to ensure you have the information needed to make smart decisions for you and your family.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Digital x-rays eliminate the film, harmful processing chemicals, and waste associated with traditional x-rays. All images are transferred electronically.

Please Call to Learn More

Advances in dentistry have produced some remarkable technology that makes your dental care easier and more effective than ever before. At Reflections Dental Spa, we make it a point to stay current with these advances to bring you the best, most updated treatment that dentistry has to offer.

If you would like to learn more about all the ways we use technology to benefit our patients, please give us a call!